The first major appearance is from Snoop Dogg in his Gin and Juice music video. In it he is seen wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey with "Gin and Juice" and the number 94 on the back.

His choice of attire not only showcased his affinity for the team but also contributed to the enduring legacy of the jersey itself

Fast forward to December 2021, when the Pittsburgh Penguins announced the release of a new alternative jersey inspired by the same design worn by Snoop Dogg decades earlier.

The Pittsburgh Penguins successfully tapped into a market segment eager for authentic experiences rooted in pop culture history

Since its initial debut, the Black Penguins jersey has continued to resonate with fans, becoming part of the team's ongoing tradition of honoring its rich heritage.

Alongside other innovative designs such as the "RoboPenguin" jersey, the Black Penguins serve as testaments to the Pittsburgh Penguins' commitment to keeping their brand fresh and relevant