Watches, But Not for Your Wrists

The ultra-feminine aesthetic has reclaimed its place in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and home—and jewelry is no exception.

The ’70s are back in a big way. With people discovering the joys of shag carpeting, sunken living rooms, the color brown, and dripping in gold

Clean, sculptural jewelry is perhaps one of the simplest ways to elevate your outfit.

Vintage jewelry is always a good idea, and brooches that we used to find outdated or impractical are back and better than ever.

With vintage jewelry being so back in style, so is the Art Deco aesthetic.

If there’s one jewelry trend that will continue on in 2024 (because it simply must after a fateful 2023), it’s spiritual jewelry.

coin jewelry is nothing new, and pieces can actually be worn and gifted as emblems of good fortune.

Stacking the rings is a more-is-more look and has a stronger effect.